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Welcome to the blog for the new Perth based micro label Twice Removed. We plan to put out a series of releases in a variety of packaging from local, interstate and overseas artists. The musical styles will be from Ambient to Drone to Glitch to Noise and anything in between. We can be contacted via for any information, demo's etc...

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Andreas Brandal / Dane P Yates / Forest Management

The latest Twice Removed release came out today from Norwegin sound artist Andreas Brandal called "Seance". It is an 8 track album of ominous filmic music that is in an edition of 50 numbered copies in a gatefold card sleeve. It can be picked up here. Check out a sampler below:
Andreas Brandal - "Seance" Excerpts by Twiceremovedrec

Up next, February 11 to be exact is the first local release from TR's home town of Perth in something like 20 months. It comes from Dane P Yates who is a young music student at WAAPA (WA Academy of Performing Arts) and is called "Rasasvada". "Rasasvada" is a 42 minute album of minimalism that has three sections and comes in a black card envelope with hand stamped cd-r and insert. Check out a sampler below:

Rasasvada Excerpts (Coming Soon) by Goblin Cave Productions

March 1 sees the release of Ohio's Forest Management's "Sky Image" 3" card/envelope set. Forest Management impressed with their "Upload" release and will have a release due sometime February through British label Cathedral Transmissions. The release is a 4 track release with 25 copies in white envelope/card and 25 in recycled envelope and card. It is released on March 1. Check out a track below: 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Ashes of Piemonte/ Mote/ Darren Harper/ Ben Steed/ Sima Kim & Saito Koji/ Be My Friend in Exile/Monolyth & Cobalt/ Sindre Bjerga + micromelancolie`/Adam A Williams/ Given/Berber Ox/Andrei Machado

Well, It's been a while since I did a blog post about the label. Since the last post the above named artists have had releases on TR so I thought I would at least give a little info and images to bring it up to date. The releases have been as follows:

Monolyth & Cobalt

Monolyth & Cobalt "De Lieux" M&C is one of Mathias Van Eecloo's pseudonyms (Others are d.rhöne, Otto Solange and others) and "De Lieux" is a continuation of Mathias' narrative works. Frans de Waard had this to say: "Not a collaboration even when the name indicates otherwise. I never heard of Monolyth & Cobalt, which is the name chosen by Mathias Van Eecloo (who also works as d.rhöne). His previous work was released by Somehow, Feedback Loop, Audio Gourmet and Kesh, and he has had collaborations with Évo Lüthi (for Heat Death Records/American Typewriter), Keijo, Teamforest and Thomas Bel. He uses many acoustic instruments such as harmonium, piano, various strings, melodica, clarinet, cithar, concertina, xylophone as well as field recordings and computer treatments. He created nine pieces of highly introspective music, carefully moving about, slow like snail, sometimes barely audible but also present. There is the long form, sustained sounds from processing acoustic instruments colliding gently against actually played parts, such as the cithar and other stringed instruments. Beautifully slow summer music, but best served when twilight sets in." Part of the Polish pressing experiment. Comes in a digipak.

Sindre Bjerga + micromelancolie'
Sindre Bjerga + micromelancolie' is a fusion of Norwegian and Polish Sound Artists who have worked together before and since this release. Manufactured in Poland in a digipak. Frans De Waard said: "Of course Sindre Bjerga needs hardly an introduction, I would think. He's in the pages of this weekly a lot, either with new releases, or with touring information (which part of the world didn't he travel?), who works here with Robert Skrzynski. He works with "no-input mixing board, old VHS tapes, classic analogues and field recordings" and has had releases on Already Dead and Amplified Music Pollution. He also designs covers for labels such as Monotype and Bocian. The two of them already had a release on Aurora Borealis and now there is 'Momentum'. There is no indication as such on the cover, but I strongly believe this is the work of collaboration through mail. I am unaware of Skrzynski's output, but I wouldn't be surprised if he had the final say in this work, as it doesn't sound much like what I heard of Bjerga. Two long pieces, both almost thirty minutes, of highly minimal ambient music, with sparse in- and output of sounds and what seems a total absence of sound collage, Bjerga's more favored working methods. Two pieces slow liquid sound, which work very well on a slow day."

Adam A Williams "On Recovery"  The second 3" release on Twice Removed comes from Welsh artist Adam A Williams who has recorded previously under the Model Citizen name and has appeared on Hibernate, Audio Gourmet, Cathedral Transmissions and others. Ambient Exotica had this to say: "Williams wastes time, and he does it benignantly. Gaseous guitar glints are grafted onto the aeriform reel, drones and mellow pizzicato blebs unite. A more meticulous look at the superstructure reveals the drone base frame to be played backwards, recognizable through the archetypically plinking prongs amidst the cusps and apexes. And that is it. Call it a thermal haze or misty mirage, On Recovery is awash with amicable fractals, soft arabesques and orange-tinted light. A proper Ambient construction at its core, the designedly unexciting, slowly twirling stream freely reveals itself, the implied theme of rusticity is expanded by the means of the chirping birds at the end of the track"

Adam A Williams

Be My Friend In Exile "The Silence, The Darkness" - 100 digipak edition from Miguel Gomes of the UK. Following on from his "Passive/Negative" release on Twice Removed Editions. Here is what Beach Sloth said:"Be My Friend in Exile hones the exile in ‘The Silence, The Darkness’. Everything here is through an unreasonable amount of filters. Tangible sounds are not possible. Rather everything sounds extremely murky. Melodies do emerge a few minutes while the sludge melts away. Compared to Be My Friend in Exile’s previous effort, this one feels more a bit closer to the listener. Perhaps it has to do with occasional breaks from the exile, to come close to something akin to tenderness. A few times the music appears about ready to take flight. While it never happens, the mere inclusion of hope offers something quite spectacular indeed"

Be My Friend In Exile

Sima Kim & Saito Koji "Light and Gravity" is the second collaboration of Japanese drone legend Saito Koji and young Korean Sima Kim (who is making a name for himself in his own right). This is a 1 track 48 minute long Dronesphere that is as punishing as it is a rewarding. Comes in a recycled card with library card insert, factory replicated disc and limited to 100 copies. Ambient Exotica stated: "Light And Gravity tests and detests the contemporary listener, and this is what I love about it. Similar long-form releases such as Thom Brennan’s saturated Satori (2002) or Celer’s sun-soaked bucolic Viewpoint (2013) even go one step farther and reach the time-related digital boundaries of the CD medium by presenting tracks of 72 minutes or more than 78 minutes respectively, without including histrionic revelations about their complexion or intrinsic pool of surfaces. Sima Kim & Saito Koji approach the topic in a similar fashion. They decide to worship the moment by repeating one particularly majestic solemnity… and then stretch it to reach the mark of approximately 40 minutes before a further progression takes place in the form of a scent of change."

Sima Kim and Saito Koji

The Ashes of Piemonte "Datura Notes" is the first double album on TR which features 4 tracks spread over the two discs. For those who don't know this is a follow up to the duo of Lee Anthony Norris and Wil Bolton's "Winter Fire" album on Time Released Sound. Released in a recycled card gate fold sleeve with factory replicated discs and an insert by Grace Wood. There are 2 sets of 50 each with 2 different sets of images. Ambient Exotica said: "Rarely have I encountered such long pieces of 30+ minutes that are this electrifying, with a plasticity to submerge into, a void or maelstrom to be torn apart by. The Ashes Of Piemonte are masters of twilight luminosity, and yet their motives are noble: the opener Endless Sleep In The Garden Of Dreams is paradisiac and joyously bright without ever crossing the territory of chintzy lands. From The Garden Of Dreams To The Shores Of Cthulhu is a tad more icy but warmed via ocean waves and pristine guitar chords. The Colour Of Space literally drops the very best aqueous field recording next to circumambient synth strata, and The Sunken Land glorifies submerged ruins where time stands stiller than still"  (Now Sold Out)

The Ashes of Piemonte

Ben Steed "From Here You Can See Everything" Ben was one of those people that sent me some links to pre-mastered recordings on Soundcloud that had me repeating the set when it had finished and then getting some of his previous net label and physical album "From Atop a Frozen Summit". His material covers Filmic, Ambient, IDM, Modern Classical and other forms.
Ben Steed

Mote "Frames"    Marco Caricola is Mote and this is his first physical release. A short 5 track EP  Closer Listen had this to say " Mote may have written these songs in his bedroom, but one can imagine them being performed by orchestras. As modern composition continues to grow in popularity, it’s great to hear new artists with emotion as well as intelligence, and Mote fits the bill."100 copies in a recycled card sleeve.

Darren Harper "Rising Sea" is the latest in Darren Harper's arsenal of fantastic music following on from his Analogpath release "Awaken My Heart to a Belief in Hope".Stationary Travels had this to say:"‘Rising Sea’ is an EP that Darren describes as “improvisational studies for Fender Telecaster and Ableton Live. Reflections on the ever changing landscape of our planet, and the sea-change events that are in motion…”. It is comprised of two tracks, ‘Rising Sea Part One’ and ‘Rising Sea Part Two’. Both are deep drones that ebb and flow at a pace as patient and gelatinous as a vast ocean. At just under 20 minutes combined, these two ambient tone poems are nicely balanced and create an immersive sonic experience that feels perfectly balanced." 50 3" cd-'rs in a card sleeve.

Darren Harper
Berber Ox "Private Everywhere" is the second Berber Ox release on Twice Removed following on from "Limiter" I'll leave it up to Aquarius Records to sum this up: " Private Everywhere is another stunner, melding field recordings with strange psychedelic ambience, abstract percussion, buried rhythms, shifting textures and tangled melodies, heaving swells of chordal thrum underpin fields of high end pulses, and mysterious echo drenched rhythms, skeletal and spare, all drifting above hushed expanses of truncated voices, of crumbling chords, of swirling electronics. In places, the sound blossoms into fierce fields of blackened buzz, the sort of dronelord dirge that could give SUNNO))) a run for their money, while in others, the sound swings all the way to the other end of the spectrum, unfurling slow blossoming field of bell like chimes and gamelan like melodies, blurred into meditative sprawls of dreamdronedrift.
Long tracks that build slowly, weaving their way through daily life, the sounds of cars, bicycles, footsteps, loudspeaker announcements, all hover in the ether, while modern minimalist dronescapes pulse ominously, emitting arcs of subtle overtones, constantly shifting and mutating, slipping easily from ominous, sinister rumble, to crystalline cosmic shimmer and back again, finally culminating in the strangely out of place closer, that adds to the Berber Ox sound, a skittery Kompakt like techno beat, sounding like it could end up as a 12" on UK label Trensmat, which is not a bad thing at all... "

Berber Ox

Given "Piano Improvisations/Electrical Interferencies" is the perfect combination of neo classical piano mixed in with beat from Italian producer Dona Basile. Easily one of the favourites released on Twice Removed. Several tracks are piano improvisations, while the others are fusions of the piano and beats. Dona also runs the Points label.
Andrei Machado "Catarse" "Catarse" or "Catharsis" for English translation is the third album from Brazilian pianist Andrei Machado, following on from his "Etant" and "Lacuna" releases on the Sinewave net label. Mastered expertly by Wil Bolton, "Catarse" is a stunning neo classical release which is wrapped in Jaime Silveira (The Album Leaf) artwork.
Andrei Machado


Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Ok, please disregard the previous post. With 14 slated releases and 2 possibilities, it's clear that Twice Removed is kicking on. I am trying to put together a website, but for now will flit between here and the  Facebook  page (

Why not check out the latest release from Andrei Machado:

Saturday, July 13, 2013

The future of Twice Removed

If you are a follower or recent viewer of this blog you will have noticed I removed the last post about stopping blogging and directing people to either the Facebook or Twitter pages. I have decided to fill in the information on the releases to come on the label and then the future after it's demise. I have decided to end the label known as Twice Removed at the end of the agreed releases and start over under a new name. The reason being is that I want to have a more hands on approach to the label.

I have run TR primarily on demo's sent to me which has been great as I have come across great music and am happy to have been a part of it's dissemination out to 'the people'. Originally I started the label with the view of mixing local or Australian releases with their overseas counterparts, I guess in the same sort of philosophy of the late Sound & Fury label. This didn't really happen with the last local releases being released early to mid 2012 and the Australian releases since just being Berber Ox, Roger Nova Twelve and Anonymeye. Also, I started the label trying to court artists and was largely unsuccessful (actually around 5 of the releases so far have been of me contacting the artists, bearing in mind that there has been around 37 releases it's a small percentage). I have developed some good relationships with artists that I plan to continue working with. A lot of the releases of TR have com via demo's. With Demo's I've always had the policy if people took the time to contact me and send  me their work I would take the time to listen to them. There is nothing better than getting something to listen to that makes you re-listen to it time after time. Conversely, there is nothing worse than having to send rejection letters to people. So, next time round the demo policy will be that demo's will not be accepted. I will have to resist listening to them.

The release schedule for TR has been crazy, so far in the first 7 months of 2013 there has been 14 releases with a bunch more due. I want to slow this down. I planned to this year, but things picked up. I want to give each release more time and not be so conscious over costs like I am now. I feel the only way to achieve this is to put TR to rest and start over fresh. The name has already been chosen and keeping in with Twice Removed I have chosen another Tactics song for the name (a shame as my second favourite track is "Second Language" and we all know that is taken) .
Here is a list of the last lot of Twice Removed releases. Note, these are the ones committed to with a possibility of maybe 2 more, but things can change (sometimes artists may not be ready, etc...) and so should be seen as flexible.

TR018 Darren Harper
TR024 Pleq & Spheruleus
TR032 Be My Friend In Exile "The Silence, The Darkness"
TR033Grzegor Bojanek
TR034 Sima Kim & Saito Koji "Light and Gravity"
TR035 Mote "Frames"
TR036 Le Berger
TR037 The Ashes of Piemonte
TR038 Solipsism
TR039 Matthew Barlow
TR041 Andrei Machado
TR042 Given
TR043 Berber Ox
TR044 Andreas Brandal
TRE 007 Nacht Plank
TRE 008 Nacht Plank

As you can see it's a decent list to get through before the end, so there will be some more great releases. And then, it can all start over again. New & Fresh.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

3+ and Exit to Exist & Creation VI out now

Copies of 3+'s "Your Small Story" and Exit to Exist & Creation VI's "Antigravity" out now. They can be picked up here. Copies are also available via Stashed Goods, Databloem, Murmur Records, Linus Records (3+ only)


Slowly, while the label has been releasing music I have been gathering like minded labels and artists for the Twice Removed store which is over at There are some additions coming in the post, but for now here are some of the artists and labels stocked.
Dronarivm are the Russian label run by Dmitry Taldykin and curated by Bartosz Dziadosz (aka Pleq) and they have been assembling a great roster with artists including Fescal, Listening Mirror, Celer, Creation VI, Philippe Lamy and the Aquarius compilation (which features the likes of Federico Durand / The Green Kingdom / Pjusk / Melodium (offthesky drone mix) / Simon Whetham / Loscil / Marsen Jules / Fabio Orsi / Pillowdiver / Machinefabriek / Hakobune + Hiroki Sasajima / Francisco López / Pleq + Mathieu Ruhlmann / Yann Novak) to name a few. The store has the releases from Fescal, Celer, Philippe Lamy, Darren Harper and the "Aquarius" compilation.
Preserved Sound are the Polish label that introduced me to Endless Melancholy and Vitaly Beskrovny who also appeared on Twice Removed. They also have links to the Resonating Wood label and the artists Lights Dim and New Century Classics. The store has the two great Vitaly Beskrovny album's "Opus" and "Life on Paper" as well as the Post Rock stylings of Blackpaperplanes and the loop orientated Visionary Hours.
Slow Flow Records is run by Ryo Nakata aka Ryonkt who gave Twice Removed it's second (and first International) release. The catlalogue includes releases from well known artists in the Ambient/Drone/Experimental fields like Celer, Fabio Orsi, Richard Ginns and Concern, all of which are available in the store. All are in slick thin line card sleeves.
Adeptsound is the former Perth based and now UK based label that release music that fits in the Post Industrial, Power Electronics and Dark Ambient. Release come from Schuster (label owner Tim Bayes), Zilverhill (a collaboration of Tim Bayes and Paul Carr aka pRESENT dAY bUNA) and the worldwide compilation "Bacterium" (which features Cheap Machines, Schuster, Dieter Muh, N. Strahl, D.D.A.A. and others). Some of these releases have been long sold out at source and limited to some 50 copies, most no more than 200 copies.
Databloem Other than being a great distributor and stockist of music from around the world (Twice Removed included), they also have a catalogue of great names as well and some of these are stocked in the store including Offthesky, Beta Two Agonist, Sgnl_Fltr, Krzysztof Orluk and Saul Stokes. Databloem release are known for their texture, ambience as well as melody and occasional groove/rhythm.
Dead Pilot I managed to grab some copies of the Jannick Schou and Expo70 releases at the end of this sorely missed UK label. Expo70 is the well known Psych/Drone artist while Jannick Schou's music covers modern classical, drone, ambient and sound art.
I also have some spare copies of things that have either been purchased additionally by accident or have received at some point. These include release by Ian Hawgood, Haruki and micromelancolie` & Sindre Bjerga.
Coming soon to the store are copies of the second physical release on the Hidden Vibes label from A Model Kit "Roads For", releases from Japan's Pollen Rec label from Ieva, Nobuto Suda & Samuel Andre`, Ieva & Hakobune and Andrew Couzens. Also coming in the future will be copies of the Claro de Luna release 'La Voz Quebrada' (Claro de Luna features Jose Acuña who also is a member of EUS and Ett Abigail). I am always looking for new labels and artists to stock so please get in contact if your are interested in being stocked.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Latest tracks on Soundcloud

A selection of tracks from latest and upcoming releases from Oliwa, Hivver, 3+ and Creation VI & Exit to Exist.

Oliwa Hivver 3+ Creation VI & Exit to Exist